There is something about Phuket which attract all types of travelers. Beach lovers, surfer babes, and honeymooners are just of the visitors who visit this wonderful place every year. If you are one of them, then you better read on to know more.

Amazing facts about Phuket

This famous place is a best mixture of amazing sunset, white-sand beaches, natural wonders, and hospitable people. Famous as the largest Island in Thailand, Phuket measures 48 kilometers in length and has width of twenty-one kilometers. The location is generally warm and humid the full year. No wonder, many visitors love to travel to this particular Island to enjoy its natural wonders and weather. The Island is famous as a melting pot of different cultures, such as Buddhists, Chinese, Thai, and Muslims. Additional, you can spend the day doing wonderful activities with your friends and family such as parasailing, jet skiing, diving, yachting, swimming, and snorkeling.

Where to and what to do

Patong Beach

if are in Phuket, never forget to visit the most popular beach resort you can find in the Island. Here, you can spend the full day doing a big range of activities. At night, the full beach is extremely alive with its restaurants, bars, and discos. Patong Beach can provide a lot of amazing things for the full family. From here, you can simply go to other visitor attractions in the Island.

Phuket Old town

This popular landmark is one of the largest proofs that the Island was conquered by Western and Chinese more than hundred years ago. As you stroll in the town, you will view best Chinese shop houses and Portuguese-Sino architecture. This old town is also a location of wonderful guesthouses, bars, and restaurants. Printing, textures, and gold businesses are placed here.

Wat Chalong

Also famous as Wat, Wat Chalong is one of the most largely recognized landmarks in Thailand. It is the largest temple in the Island. As you enter the temple, you will view different images of Buddha and different icons from Thai and Buddhist mythology. Every years, 1000s of visitors travel to the Island to view this charming landmark. This stunning template is the spiritual center of the Island that is why a lot of domestic people and visitors visit Wat Chalong.

Indeed, there are lots of amazing things to do in this wonderful place. Whether you are traveling with your family or friends, you will never run out of the best things to enjoy in Phuket.

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